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Temperature Scanners

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Thermal body temperature solutions that can help open your business safely

If you are looking for solutions to help open your business and buildings safely, Cloud2Talk's High Trust Environment new thermal body temperature detection systems can help. By setting up a thermal detection area or queue, in which persons must pass in front of a thermal detection system, you are able to measure body temperature using thermal imaging technology and get instant alerts if anyone trying to enter that may be running a fever. At that point you can pull them aside for further evaluation or refuse access altogether.

Choose the right thermal solution that best suits your needs

We offer several different thermal body temperature detection solutions that can read single persons or up to 10 people at a time in a designated area. These thermal imaging solutions help you measure temperature at a safe distance and provide instant feedback. Human body temperature detection solutions are new to the fight against Coronavirus and our team is here to help you find the right solution to protect your employees and customers.

Contact a dedicated account manager to learn more about our new thermal solutions.

Single-Person Wrist Temperature Detection & Facial Recognition

This compact and efficient unit allows you to measure body temperature using a facial recognition monitor and wrist temperature measurement. If abnormal temps are detected a picture can be taken to keep track of sick individuals.

  • Safe with no direct contact with the target

  • Small size and very reliable

  • Accurate measurement and supports

  • Dynamic & static signal detection

  • High efficiency, scans 10-15 people per minute


Multi-Person Body Temperature Detection Solution and Alert Solution



Ideal solution for high-traffic areas to scan multiple persons at one time with high accuracy.

  • Temperature accuracy with ±0.3°Cdeviation

  • Easy installation and configuration

  • Supports AI face detection for multiple target screenings at one time

  • Automatic alarms of persons with temps outside of approved ranges

  • Stores images for future reference


This solution requires a dedicated PC to run the solution software.

This solution is sold as a kit, and includes:

  • Thermal Bi-Spectrum Camera (1): Captures accurate optical and thermal images

  • Black Body (1): Thermal calibration device that helps provide extremely accurate human body temp measurement

  • Tripod (2): Both camera and black body must be attached to tripods for proper setup

  • Client Software: Installed on PC to operate the solution

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