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The New Normal

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Remote work from a management point of view. Now that there is a work-from-home policy for all employees, how can managers be just as effective from home as they are in-office? Managers can no longer rely on collaboration tools, they need to build a new company culture within their team while retaining visibility into daily operations.

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Customer service is more important than ever, how can managers keep customer service at the forefront?

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Understand the basis to work remotely.

  • How to deploy remote work in your organization

  • How to efficiently work from home  

  • How to adapt you company's culture to remote work

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Personalized Training Overview

 Part 1 - Introduction to  Remote Work 

Understand the basis to work remotely.

  • Managing your team's remote work expectations

  • Managing management's remote work expectations

  • Building rapport with your remote team 

Personalized Training Overview

 Part 2 - Successfully Working Remotely 

Team work

What is the real productivity impact of remote work? 

What will determine failure or success in this brave new world of work?

  • Define clear goals for your team

  • Tips on how to avoid distractions

  • Tips on how to better manage your time

  • Health and wellness

Personalized Training Overview

 Part 3 -  Working Remotely : Productivity

Working at Home
Working at Home

Many studies have already proven that remote workers are more productive than their in-office counterparts. As a remote manager, regular check-ins, such as quick morning conference calls, give employees a chance to voice their concerns and needs. Regular check-ins also give opportunities for managers to offer the support and socialization that are now missing from the workplace.

  • How to choose the best communication and collaboration tools that align with your business model

  • When to use specific collaboration and/or communication tools

  • Conducting successful and efficient meetings with your remote team 

  • How to manage remote projects and keep track of each project's status

Personalized Training Overview

 Part 4 - Communication and Collaboration Tools

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Understanding keys to success as a remote team.

  • How to manage conflict

  • How to succeed as a remote worker

  • How to succeed as a remote manager

  • Building the most efficient remote work culture

Personalized Training Overview

 Part 5 - How To Succeed As a Remote Team 

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The New Normal - Training

Be part of our personalized training sessions that will help decision makers understand, develop and maintain a new organizational culture while deploying remote work 

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